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Digital Verification Calls

One of the key features of Callpilot is its ability to conduct digital verification calls. With this functionality, your customers can fill out forms or contracts while being prompted by our digital avatar. Your smart device’s camera records the entire interaction, providing a crucial layer of 3rd party verification. This ensures that the individual engaging with your business is in fact, the authorized customer.


Flexible and Mobile Verification

Gone are the days of cumbersome in-person verification processes. With Callpilot, you can perform digital verification calls from anywhere, anytime. Whether your customers are on-site, in a remote location, or conducting business through virtual channels, Callpilot bridges the gap and brings the verification process directly to them. This flexibility allows for seamless and efficient interactions, reducing the need for physical presence and eliminating geographical limitations.


Enhanced Security

One of the key benefits of Callpilot is the added layer of security provided by verification through camera recording. During the interaction, our digital avatar guides customers through form filling or contract completion while the smart device’s camera records the entire process. This recording serves as an indisputable record of the interaction, ensuring authenticity and protecting both the customer and the organization from potential disputes or misunderstandings in the future. The presence of a third party (the camera) acts as an objective witness, instilling confidence and trust in the validity of the agreements.


Convenience and Efficiency

Callpilot’s digital verification calls not only enhance security but also offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Customers can complete forms or contracts at their own pace, guided by our digital avatar. The process is streamlined, eliminating the need for manual verification or the back-and-forth associated with traditional methods. By digitizing and automating the verification process, organizations can save valuable time, reduce administrative burdens, and deliver a superior customer experience.


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